09 August 2010


I always enjoy going to the Asian foods store, because there are always really funny brand names and logos and such. For example, Chiz Curls evidently spelled the word "cheese" wrong by spelling their product as "Chiz". Right below, however, the word "Cheese" is not only correctly spelled, but also correctly capitalised! It's also funny since there are no actual "curls" in the bag [well, I could be wrong, since I've never actually opened a bag of them]. Those puffed corn pieces are actually... well, rod shaped. Not curly. :) But, it's funny.
Gosh, I really love this one. Oh the biology-related innuendos! Would you like some bacterial pili to contaminate your food - I mean, they can contaminate your nuts! Oh! Hey, the pili are growing! *New Discovery!* - Pili have nuts! To be a health nut, you gotta obtain a ton of conjugation via pili!
... the list goes on.

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