01 February 2010

Kettle Potato Chips.

I don't really have an affinity for potato chips... I prefer tortilla chips, although I think that I like potatoes more than I like corn. Actually, I like both. There really isn't a plant that I don't like... I even like dandelions :D even though gardeners tell me that they're weeds and "useless" etc.
And even though "chips" is used for "fries" in British English, and I did say "crisps" in HK, I think that in Aus. I said "chips". It's been a decade, I don't really remember.
Anyway, when we went to Costco way back, my brother wanted a bag of potato chips, because in the past zillion times, we always got tortilla chips [the organic ones :)]. So, we bought the Kettle chips which are oh-so-natural, I suppose. Potatoes, oil, and salt.
I don't have a picture because my mum has a habit of emptying out every bag of stuff we get and putting it into little containers, and then trashing the bag. I got kinda irked because I'm currently collecting wrappers [granola bar and chip wrappers] for Terracycle.

The chips were sooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh salty. Every "o" in that word accounts for one mole of salt in one chip. Seriously. This is no hyperbole! Each "h" accounts for one mole of oil in one chip. And yeah, I'm biased because this is what my taste buds' receptors tell me.

The best part is that I found the awesome-est shaped chip in the world. No, it is not "heart-shaped" [ew]. It is... hand shaped! Look at it! I did NOT synthesise this image.
"It was like this when I found it!"

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