02 February 2010

Cezanne and Chinese Food.

I have at least 5o minutes with Ms. M every morning, first period. Although Ms. M majored in Art History in college, she now teaches English, and is my current English teacher. As a thank-you present for her for helping me through draft-after-draft-after-draft-after-draft x25080238 of my Commonapp essay, I drew this out using oil pastel.

Note the glutinous rice balls [with lotus bean paste filling, NO ANIMAL PARTS!], the vegetable-filled man tou, vegetable dumplings, bubble tea, peach man tou, egg tart, and that fried lotus bean paste-filling-thingy, and the spring rolls. Doesn't it look so much cooler than Cezanne's basket of fruit? Ms. M. loves Chinese food... I think my present was appropriate. Click on it for a larger image :)
Click here for a link to the original image by Cezanne.

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