25 February 2010

M&M Premiums

I know it's been two months since Christmas, but [or, well, "Holiday", for Flying Spaghetti Monster believers a.k.a. me] but I still have some M&M Premiums left... approximately 1/5 of the bag is sitting in a plastic bag in my room, next to my desk. I decided to review this since I didn't eat anything remotely interesting today [but last night was the first time in my life in which I consumed a sourdough baguette. Actually, it was "Italian Bread", but I see it as a baguette because it was baguette shaped, and baguettey-textured]. Also, it's currently snowing outside. I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow.
Anyway, these are so... "gourmet" in the sense that they make me feel like I'm not supposed to eat them. It's as though they're for display, not for consumption and digestion. Don't their shiny shells make them look.. ornamental? Seriously, the glaze-y shell is so. Pretty. Resplendent. It looks like someone threw glitter dust over it... And the different colours, ranging from a deep green to a beautiful pale mint green... has a chilling effect on me ["haha"; mint = cool = chilly]. I can stare at them for the whole day, the way I stare at falling snow.
Speaking of staring, I kinda had a bad day today.
Anyway, I really like these because the inside mint part isn't too minty, and nor is it ridiculously sweet like Peppermint Patties. The rather thick dark chocolate layer complements the mint, and the whole thing does not leave a clingy aftertaste. It's kind of like eating a mint-chocolate-ice-cube.

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