15 February 2010

Egg Tarts!

Here is a rare double post :D
Today I made egg tarts.

Yes. The almighty Hong Kong Egg Tart. The kind that costs 1HKD to get in HK, yet costs 1USD [7-8HKD] to obtain here in the U.S.

I made 25 of them today.
They did not fail.
And without further blabbering, I present: EGG TARTS!!!!!!!!!! :D

The sugar-butter-egg-flour shell. With vanilla.
The sugar-egg-egg-egg-egg-egg-egg-milk-water filling. With vanilla.

Add Heat. More Heat. Oooh it's sizzling. "It's hot, hot! So delicious... T-t-t-tasty-tasty." ... That's what she said.... Fergie, I mean.

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