15 February 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

I haven't had time to update in the past two days, because I had to help my mum prepare for this Chinese New Year party that she wanted to have. Throughout the whole process, I was irked every single time I became aware of the fact that sexism is extremely prevalent in my family. Every time my mum was cooking or cleaning, my dad was sitting there chilling. Sure, my brother helped with the vacuuming, and my dad did go to buy some stuff for the party and took my sister to go to tennis and go swim, but he basically didn't help out with the preparation of the meals. I hate sexism.

Caramel and Nestle Butterfinger cookies. My mum bought a bag of Butterfinger candies and NO ONE in the house eats them. So I made them into cookies.
The night before, I made 50 vegetable spring rolls. No, they are not "egg rolls"! What the heck are "egg rolls" anyway? If spring rolls are considered "egg rolls" then I think we ought to call jelly [a.k.a. Jell-O] fresh organic fruit. In other words, IT IS FAR FROM THE TRUTH! [and that was an unintentional rhyme]. Anyway, I love rolling spring rolls, and making dumplings [even though I haven't made dumplings in about a year, because nowadays my mum just buys frozen dumplings, which I don't eat because of the animal components anyway...

My brother made sushi.
I used to love cured tofu but now I don't really have a predilection for it. Neither did the guests.

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  1. great job on the spring rolls. i've made them before and they are a lot of work. very time consuming both preparing and then cooking. but oh so delicious! :-)