26 February 2010

Random pictures from my phone.

I'm too tired to update much after shovelin' for two hours. 120 minutes. I actually wanted to make snow cream today but it was 5 when I was done and I just wasn't in the mood, and I made pretty crappy mocha today... :(

So here are just some pictures from my phone from around town.

Pumpkin Ravioli at the Ritz Diner... irregularly shaped [speaking of which, Mars hasn't emailed me back yet concering the mutant M&Ms], not very sweet, which was good because sweet ravioli with savour sauce would've been terrible. The sauce was awesome though. I don't think I'm obsessed over ravioli enough to order it again.

My first pretzel in the U.S... for free at Tom's River because we had Sectionals there. A and I just got back into the Bubble after going into the school to get water/bathroom, and there was this tray of pretzels [because the meet was nearly over] and people were taking them... so I took one. I chipped off all the salt though... it was really. Dry. But pretzelly. I was pretty happy about it... so I ate it prêtzelously ["haha!!!" - pretzel/zealously and "prêt" means "ready" en francais.]

First matzo ball of my life. In delicious vegetable soup made by A's mum.
Saw this at Target. Next to all that kiddy stuff - Hello Kitty notebooks, half toxic hand cream... etc.

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