24 February 2010



I've fallen in love with a new food. TUSCAN HERB PITA CHIPS! By Stacy's. The company proclaims that it bakes the chips and has a "zesty blend of basil, oregano and garlic". In all honesty, I taste zero oregano, a pinch of garlic, and perhaps breathe a few fumes of basil through the back of my nose...
I'm kind of irked at the company, actually. Not really despise, but quite unhappy... because the back of the bag lauds: "The Art of Basic".
If by "basic", you mean "enriched wheat flour", "rosemary extract", "ascorbic acid" and "compressed yeast"... I mean, these are made out of basic ingredients, but they themselves aren't basic. It's like giving you a plastic bag and saying, "Hey, here's a puddle of petrol for you to start a fire!". It's not completely basic.
Another thing is that on its website, there is a recipe for making a vanilla smoothie. The ingredients and plating do not include any pita chips. I don't understand how that meshes with pita chips... It promotes vanilla, ice cream... fruit... milk... even ice! but not pita chips.
But without analysing them too much, they taste so light and crisp-bready and wonderful. I've fallen in love with these junky pita chips [okay, better than Fritolay can ever be].

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