12 February 2010

Candy Corn Kisses.

I typed a paragraph and accidentally Ctrl+W. Oh well.
Basically, in early November I went to buy some chocolate/candy because college apps were done, and all those food items' prices were slashed in half. I got these Candy Corn Kisses from Hershey, basically because I like candy corn. Actually, the first time I'd had it it was when AZ was eating them on the bus back from an XC meet, in 2008. Anyway.
The first thing that you think of when I say "Hershey"? Chocolate, right? Nah. You're wrong. Considering that their Kissables candy has no substantial cocoa content in it [in fact, if you called those Kissables "chocolate", then your general unbranded chocolate milk is thus indisputably pure chocolate], I didn't really expect much "chocolate" taste in these. I figured it was just better to get this than get a bag of candy corn which has partially hydrogenated oils, a.k.a. trans-fat.
I know that white chocolate has no cocoa powder [or else how could it naturally be white?], but by looking at the ingredients, I can honestly say that this isn't legitimate chocolate [a mon avis].
Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oil [cocoa butter, palm, shea, sunflower and/safflower oil], non-fat milk... blah blah...colours, emulsifiers, additives.
So it's basically sugar and fatty acids, but that's what makes it taste, uh, sweet and fatty.
In all honesty, these did not taste like candy corn, unless you whole-heartedly believe that candy corn has one taste, "sweet". Candy corn itself is initally chewy, with this poofiness and gooiness, and then this chalky taste, and has this aftertaste which is extremely sweet.
Candy corn Kisses start off sweet and creamy. Still sweet and creamy. Ends up sweet and creamy. Uh, not really chocolate. Not really candy corn.
But hey, they're pretty.

Note that the second last one that I ate [I ate the last one today.] had two plumes. Mutant! It is twice as long as the typical ones that were in the bag. Come to think of it, maybe 15% of them didn't even have plumes, and about 42% of them had the white part dripping into the orange part. Either way, they were cool to open. I have a lotta pretty wrappers now. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, though. Maybe make some art.

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