05 February 2010

Trader Joe's Chocolate

I LOVE. Trader Joe's! Despite the fact that I haven't been there in about three years, my first impression still leaves me in wonderment and adoration. I simply. Love. Trader Joe's. I remember going in, seeing all that organic stuff, all that SOY stuff, all those unfamiliar, "exotic" ingredients such as couscous and quinoa and bran - all those foods made me yearn for Trader Joe's. I honestly should go there again, and I think that I'll go with A next week [since she and I both love food and are vegetarians] and we can go buy vegetarian meatballs or something.
Anyway, my dad's friend got these for him/me&my bro, and the ones with the X are the ones my brother ate [I think.]. This ups my number of nouveaux chocolat to 8!
I don't remember the flavours and such; there was an information paper but I seem to have misplaced it. Most of them were praline filled though, and I don't really have an affection for praline. I'm just indifferent to it. I think it's because of the time, way back in HK, where we received this huge box of mosaic praline chocolates. They were yummy, but dry and gritty and had this weird nutty aftertaste [I'm nuts for nuts [haha.] but those ones were a little off].
Anyway, I digress.
As a general review, these were soooooo smoooooooooooth. Due to their utter smoothness, they had a mu [friction constant] of pretty much zero, so they were consumed way too fast. Yep, even the triangular-shaped one. I don't really care whether they're from "Belgium" or where-ever. The box is pretty cute too, though I can't find it in my room at the moment... I even like the wrinkly spongey-paper [I'm not sure if that's the name?].

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