18 February 2010

Fruit Jelly Candy

Back in 4th or 5th grade on the bus home from school, I saw a girl [who was in 1st or 2nd grade] eating a huge, [fakely] heart-shaped piece of candy. It was either red or green, I don't recall, but it looked a lot like jelly. It wasn't jelly though, because it wasn't falling to piece when she was holding. I figured that it was some kind of firm jelly candy that I definitely had never seen/tried before in my life.

Unfortunately, it took over half a decade for me to finally consume this jelly substance, which isn't even the exact same thing since it isn't fakely-heart-shaped. My mum bought a pack of strawberry/lemon/orange/green flavoured jelly gobs - I can't tell what the "green" flavour is, especially since the wrapper is blue. Can "green apple" flavouring have a sky-blue coloured wrapper?
The wrappers are gorgeous, by the way.

My mum threw away the bag it was in [typical] so I have no idea what these are called since I didn't check, but I did read the ingredients before hand. There was sugar, vegetable oil, gelatine, flavour and colour, apple juice.. I know this is the wrong order. I know that gelatine is basically boiled animal bones and joints and leftover pieces, but I still consume it once in a while in Centrum, this, and marshmallows. If I can find vegan marshmallows somewhere I think I will reverse this habit. [No, the ones that are $7 at Wholefoods does not count. I kinda despise Wholefoods.] But anyway. I disliked the fake pink ones, loved the blue and yellow ones, and I'm okay with the orange ones, since there is a gigantic whiff of orange flavouring. The green one was simply decaydent... mystery flavour anyone?
They were extremely chewy, sticky, sweet and long lasting if you didn't chew it [but who wouldn't?] They made me feel like a 6 year-old...

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