10 February 2010

The yummiest [and ugliest] cookie ever!

UPDATE a few hours later: There is one cookie left. For my sister. In other words... both my parents had one.. my sister had two.. there were 35 cookies... so my brother and I ate 31 cookies. I'm not sure how many we each had, but my brother [for the first time] ate more than half the batch. So... let's just say that today I consumed around half a stick of butter and 0.25 cups of brown sugar... that's a LOT! [along with around 11 pieces of chocolate].

We had a snow day today, and I proceeded to waste the day doing nothing, except make blueberry cookies. I followed this recipe in this book called "Fruit", and chose it because
1. my eyes were glued to the picture the way the S-pole sticks to the N-pole of another magnet
2. my brother loves blueberries
3. yay food!
Here are the pictures. For some reason, the sides ended up crumbly and and the center was still raw. I honestly don't understand why... but I think that I should've added another 0.5 cups of flour. Either way, the outside tasted reallllllllyyyyy good, and the center was really moist and buttery and blueberry-y and chewy. They were kinda small, and extremely fragile.
My brother LOVED THEM, which is rather novel, since he usually jokingly derides my baking.
Another morsel of proof that stuff that's ugly can be the awesomest ever.
At this point, the butter and brown sugar and vanilla smelled sooooooo good. Time to add the egg yolk

mmm.... blueberries and walnuts. Yay for unconventional!

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