03 February 2010

The best cereal as of this moment.

Is. Nature's Path Flax Plus Flakes. I am serious. I used to love cornflakes until I realised that the major brands sell them with HFCS and a ton of sugar.
As of this moment, I can live on Nature Path's cereal, for a year. Maybe a year and a day. The good thing is that for each 110 Calories, I get 4g of protein. I know I can get about 12g for 110 Calories of yoghurt [the good plain kind, NOT the fake sweetened-with-5-different-sugars-and-stabilised-with-gelatine] ... there isn't "crunchy" yoghurt in the world yet. There's crunchy cheese [and I long to try it], but no crunchy yoghurt... yet...

I don't base my adulation of food solely on its protein content. Just saying, this flax cereal rocks.

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