09 February 2010

Cookies! With Raisins!

YAY COOKIES! I made A some cookies last night, because she got into college, and she PRed on the mile, and I appreciate her as a friend. A lot. And she invited me to go with her to the Millrose Games. I was going to make oatmeal cookies for her, because she loves oatmeal raisin cookies, but it turns out that we only had one cup of oatmeal left. In the whole house. Makes me sad :(
The recipe called for one cup of flour and four cups of oatmeal [which in my opinion is superfluous... 5 cups to make 2 dozen cookies? Not likely, since typically we use just two cups of flour]. Since I only had one cup of oatmeal, I substituted the other "3 cups" of oatmeal for one cup of bran and this multigrain cereal thing and more flour. I left it overnight in the fridge, because leaving dough overnight in the fridge makes the raisins more moist, and the dough more browned and flavourful.

So the next day [aka yesterday] I baked the cookies with my sister - Oh and another good thing about sticking the dough in the fridge overnight is that when you scoop them onto the cookie sheet, they stay round :D, which is especially important when using oil instead of butter :D
We made 23 large cookies :)
A was really happy to get cookies :D but then again, who wouldn't be? She gave some out at track because we were having exit interviews. It was pretty chill :)

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